We’re having some fun with Derbyshire based, Sunbeam Canopies’ SEO. This is the second post in the series. If you would like to read the first post, click this Sunbeam Canopies link to read more.

In this post, which details a very small On-Page SEO tweak, we added the word ‘specialist’ to Sunbeam Canopies home page, to see if adding this one word would make much of a difference, to the Google positioning of Sunbeam Canopies website, when people search for phrases like ‘veranda specialist in derby’.

That’s a very valid search term, which over time would drive potential customers looking for a specialist company selling verandas in the derby area.

When we tested the search, here’s what we found:

As you can see above, on Friday 21st June for the search term ‘verandas specialist in derby’ Sunbeam Canopies were listed at ‘number 6’ in the free listings on Google.

What you might also note is the Google has displayed the following text…

Missing: specialist | Must include: specialist

This is because the word ‘specialist’ was not included on the Sunbeam Canopies page that was showing in the search result.

If you look closely, you will see that the word ‘specialist’ is in the Page Description, (a setting that can be changed ‘behind the scenes’ of the website) which shows on Google, directly underneath the Website URL ‘https://www.sunbeamcanopies.co.uk’ – the page description reads…

‘Derby based Sunbeam Canopies, specialist suppliers & installers of quality aluminium Garden Verandas, Awnings & Carports for Derbyshire & surrounding …’

Despite the fact that the word ‘specialist’ appears in the Page Description, Google is displaying the notice to say it’s missing from the page, in order to make it easier for people who only want to see pages that do include the word specialist.

Here’s what we wanted to know…

If we added the word ‘specialist’ the Home Page, would it make any difference to the Google Positioning or now?

So we added ‘specialist’ in 2 places on the Home Page, as shown here:

This is the only change we made, spending a couple of minutes on this, and we checked back the next day, to see if it made any difference to the Google positioning of Sunbeam Canopies website, for the phrase ‘veranda specialist in derby’.

Here’s the result the following day…

Sunbeam Canopies

As you can see… at the very top of the search results, so number 1, on page 1 of Google, in the free (organic) results.


So Sunbeam Canopies have leap-frogged all of the websites above them, for this search term.

Pretty cool for 2 minutes work, which proves the importance of getting all the words people might use to find a business like yours, on your website pages.

Of course, you can’t add all words to all pages, there’s an art to getting this right, which is a topic for another day, but in the meantime, it’s well worth checking your pages to make sure you have the basics in place.

Here are a couple of other searches too, showing Sunbeam Canopies at or near the top of the Free Listings on Google, as a direct result of adding the word ‘Specialist’ to their Home Page…

Sunbeam CanopiesSunbeam Canopies

Watch this space for more updates coming soon, in the meantime, register for our next free online marketing webinar here.