• Presenter: Leonardo Wood
  • Venue: Hylands House, London Road, Chelmsford

A unique workshop, to help you create your own ‘1-Hour’ Digital Marketing System that you can follow, or your staff can follow, to help you generate more Leads, Customers and Repeat Sales using the Internet and Internet based tools, such as:

  • Your Website or Blog,
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • YouTube & Bulk Email Software etc.

Essex based Internet Marketing Trainer, Leonardo Wood will help you create an easy to follow, step-by-step system to take your Digital Marketing to the next level, which in turn will increase your Sales & Profit… spending just ‘One-Hour’ per week to start with, which can then be increased as you start to see results from your digital marketing.

Business owners now have dozens of extra ‘online’ options available to them for generating new business, and like every other business owner, when it comes to Digital Marketing, you and your staff probably don’t know what to do for the best – which may mean you’re continually losing out on sales opportunities.

During this free workshop, Leonardo will help you create an effective Strategy and System, with instructions that your Staff Members can follow, to help you “Make It Happen Online” too.