Are you using your completed to dominate Google?

If you’re adding completed jobs to your website portfolio, you’re probably using either 1 main photo gallery, or maybe you have a photo gallery on each of your product pages.

If you’re only using photo galleries you will be missing a big opportunity to generate 100’s if not 1000’s of leads via the free listings on Google.

Here’s how to dominate Google using your completed jobs…

Add each of your completed jobs on a separate page in your website portfolio and include the following information in your page Titles, Content and Image information:

  • Product Type – such as Conservatory, Awning, or Veranda etc.
  • Town of Installation or Delivery
  • County of Installation or Delivery

By adding 100’s or 1000’s of jobs to your website like this, over time, this will drive 1000’s more potential customers to your website.

Here’s what happened to one of my clients website traffic in 12 months when we added 600 jobs to his website:

My clients website traffic increased from 300 visitors a month to over 1800 visitors a month.

Just to be clear, we also created a process that involved adding all of their updates to Social Media and Emailing their News to their Customers and Leads once a month.

With that said, one of the main reasons they received over £650,000 more sales in 12 months via their Website and the Free Listings on Google was because we added over 600 completed jobs to their website and each job went on it’s own page.

Pretty cool right?

Here’s an example of a completed job page

This Drop Arm Awning Refurbishment in London was recently added to the SBI Products site (Oct. 25th 2019) – watch this space to find out how this page ranks on Google.

Here’s another example…

This Veranda Job in Alfreton was added to Sunbeam Canopies website about a week before writing this update (26th Oct. 2019) – if your Google ‘Verandas Alfeton’ this completed job page is at number 1 on page 1 of Google – Google it!

Here are a couple of other examples… Bioclimatic Pergola Installation in Little Chalfont Hertfordshire & Garden Patio Veranda in Martley Worcestershire supplied by Canoports UK.

It’s going to take some time…

The easy option to add your completed jobs to your website is to use a single photo gallery, but if you want to add and extra £5,000 a month, £10,000 a month or even £50,000 a month to your sales, as some of my clients are doing, it is well worth investing the time to add all of your completed jobs to your website, with each job on it’s own page and optimised for Google.

If you would like to learn more, email for a free guide and training.