We recently redesigned a website for Sunbeam Canopies, which included adding a new Garden Rooms Page. In this post, we’re looking at Sunbeam Canopies Google Rankings for Keywords relating to Glass Rooms and Garden Rooms.

It’s not often that we’re in a position to offer websites for clients, but this was a project we wanted to get involved in… Sunbeam Canopies recent website redesign went live in 2 Stages…

In Stage 1, their WordPress Website got a fresh coat of paint, so a new design, containing much of the same content and pages as their old website, but with one significant change…. their Awnings page needed to be changed to promote Glass Rooms and Garden Rooms.

So before their new website went live, we ran a Keyword Rankings Report in the Glazing GPS Dashboard, to see where Sunbeam Canopies appeared on Google for various Glass Rooms and Garden Rooms keyword phrases.

Here’s the list:

Glass Garden Rooms SEO - Rankings Before
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On the left hand side we have 13 Keyword Phrases shown in my Glazing GPS Rankings Dashboard on the 28th July 2019, the day before Sunbeam Canopies new website went live.

Their old site did not contain a Glass Rooms or Garden Rooms page, or any information relating to Glass Garden Rooms on their website.

As you can see, Sunbeam Canopies Website could not be found anywhere on Google, so if a potential customer was searching for any of these Keywords or similar, it would have been almost impossible for those potential customers to find Sunbeam Canopies.

One thing to note, before we go any further…

50% of all searches on Google contain 4 or more words, so all of the search terms shown here, are all phrases that are likely to be used, when people search on Google for Glass Rooms or Garden Rooms.

If you’re tracking your own Keywords, you should consider dozens, if not 100’s of keyword phrases using 4 or more keywords, because when you start to see your Keywords Climb higher on Google, it will motivate you to continue with your SEO, and at the end of the day, higher Google rankings for 100’s of keyword phrases, will send lots more potential customers to your website.

And when people do use 4 or more words, because of the fact they are being very specific about what they are looking for, they will be much more likely to contact you, when they arrive on your website.

I appreciate that for some of you, if you’re not in control of your own website, it costs to have additional pages created, or if you’re doing this yourself, it takes time to create separate pages for each of the products and services you offer.

So because of this, some people just have one page for all their services, as it’s cheaper and easier…

The whole point of this SEO exercise was to determine the SEO value of having a separate page for each of the products you sell.

So the test was, when the new website went live, with the new Search Engine Optimised Glass Rooms and Garden Rooms Page, what difference would that make to the Google Rankings for these Glass & Garden Rooms keywords.

Here’s the result 1 week later, on the 5th August:

Glass Garden Rooms SEO - Rankings Before
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As you can see on this slide, 1 week after the Glass Rooms Page went live, all of the Keyword Phrases were appearing, or indexed on Google.

There’s some SEO work to do, as 8 of these Keyword Phrases are not yet on Page 1, and of course, what we’re aiming for is to get to number 1, for as many Keywords as possible…

But as you can see there, highlighted in Yellow, 5 of the Keywords are Ranking Sunbeam Canopies Website on Page 1 of Google, at positions ranging from 4th down to 9th.

And on the 5th of August…

A Derby Resident searched on Google for a Derbyshire based supplier of Glass Rooms who could install a Glass Room at a new property they were buying in London.

Mike from Sunbeam Canopies has been to meet the lady in Derby and when the sale of the London Property goes through in September, Mike will be surveying the job.

It’s early days for this enquiry, but the Potential Customer who is buying a property in London, also has a Home in Derby, and they specifically wanted to deal with a company local to them in Derby, which puts Sunbeam Canopies in a great position, moving forward.

As Sunbeam Canopies were not previously showing up anywhere on Google for Glass Rooms, before their SEO’d Glass Rooms Page went live, the chances are, Sunbeam Canopies would not have received this enquiry.

But as you can see, if anyone now searches for Glass Rooms or Garden Rooms related Keywords, using Derby or Derbyshire when they search, because of this New Optimised Page, Sunbeam Canopies Website is likely to be one of the Websites that potential customers visit.

So to clarify, Sunbeam Canopies Glass Rooms Page was live for a week, before the lady searched on Google, and found Sunbeam Canopies on Page 1.

Glass Garden Rooms SEO - Web Form
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The Derby Lady filled out Sunbeam Canopies Contact Form, which included the question… How did you hear about us? And the potential customer selected Google/Web Search.

BTW – If your website contact form does not include a question like this, you’re missing a vital piece of marketing information, making it much harder to prove what’s working and what’s not working to drive potential customers to your website.

Whatever forms of Marketing are working for you, you need to know about it, so you can spend less time and money on what’s not effective and more time and money on what’s proven to be profitable.

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