The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS™ is an easy to follow roadmap, we created to help glass and glazing firms like yours, double your leads in 90 days, without spending money on advertising.

Read this blog post now, to learn, how we used the 3-Part Strategy in my GPS to help CBV Installers, double their leads and increase their sales by over £650,000 in just 12 months.

For the past 30 years…

I’ve been helping home improvement firms with their advertising and marketing and for over a decade now, I have been providing online marketing services and training, to help glass and glazing firms grow.

As you know, since the Yellow Pages died and everyone went online, if you are not moving forward with your online marketing, you’re getting left behind.

During my time, working with Glass & Glazing Firms, I have discovered, if you are not getting the leads and sales you need, or desire… for your Windows & Doors, Glazed Canopies or Verandas, or for your other glazing products, it’s usually, one of three main problems holding you back…

Problem Number 1 – You don’t have an online marketing plan you’re following – if this applies to you, it’s not your fault, because, there are a 1001 things you could be doing to stimulate sales online, so you probably don’t know what to do for the best

Problem Number 2 – Your online marketing tools are not setup in the right way – like most businesses, you have a website and social media pages but if you don’t get your online settings right, you’ll be sending customers, straight to your competitors.

Problem Number 3 – it costs a fortune to ‘pay’ to generate leads online – I hear this all the time… maybe you have spent a fortune on SEO, social or website management, or spent £1000’s on Google and Facebook Ads, that just don’t work

If just one of these problems are holding you back, it will slow your lead flow and reduce your sales results.

Take a look at this…

Where do you stand, on The Glazing Sales Results Pyramid?

If you’re standing at the top, with sales of £3-5Million or more, you’re in the Driving Seat already…

But if you’re not, the good news is… like the GPS, Global Positioning System powering your Google Maps or Sat Nav… my GPS will also guide you from A to B… in Generating Prospects & Sales.

From where you are now, to the next level, in terms of sales results.

Now let me introduce you, to The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS

So you can put aside the 1,001 things you could be doing online and focus on the 3-Part Strategy you should be following first.

This is same 3-Part strategy we used for CBV Installers, which I am going to walk you through right now.

For the record, as my client doesn’t want his local competitors knowing what he calls his “£650,000 secret” for this public post, we’ve changed the name of his company, to CBV Installers.

But just to be clear, they are an Installation firm, installing most of their products at domestic homes, across the South East.

Before we launched our 12 month project, we updated CBV Installers website software, brought their product pages up to date, and setup their social media sharing tools.

Thankfully, my client had already been asking their leads “How did you hear about us?” so we could take an accurate snapshot of their marketing numbers, in terms of leads and sales from their previous online marketing activities.

Part 1 of The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS

What we’re talking about here, is making someone in your business a ‘reporter’ of your business news, such as updates, offers and completed installations.

Your reporter will ‘Report’ on different types of news to generate interest, create authority and build trust in the eyes of your potential customers.

So for CBV Installers, we created 1 piece of news each week, which would later be shared with their leads and customers, online.

Part 2 of The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS

Like CBV Installers… Your ‘reporter’ must ‘optimise’ each piece of news, by using the right ingredients.

For example, if you use the right keywords in the right places, your news and website pages will be optimised for Google & when you’re climbing higher up on Google search, even more potential customers will find your site online.

And if you communicate your product and service benefits too, keep ‘buying’ objections in mind and use Call to Actions in your news, this will steer more of your website visitors to contact you.

Part 3 of The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS

Once your news is optimised, it must be shared via multiple ‘Integrated’ online channels – sounds a bit techy and geeky I know, but seriously, it’s not…

For CBV Installers, once a week, we added 1 piece of news to their website, and gradually over 12 months, we uploaded all of the jobs they had previously installed.

This transformed their website from a static brochure style website into a lead generation and sales conversion engine.

Each time a piece of ‘news’ or ‘completed job’ was added to their website, we used a ‘one-click-send-to-all’ social media sharing and email sharing process, saving 100’s of hours of work, publishing their messages, whilst building their brand online.

And because their online tools were Integrated, CBV Installers news reached 1000’s of local potential customers, created 1000’s of website links and clicks, which moved their website even higher up the free listings on Google, driving even more leads to their website.

As a direct result of following the 3-Part Strategy in my GPS, here’s what happened to CBV Installers website traffic during the 12 months of our project.

As you can see above, in less than 30 days, 3 times as many potential customers were visiting CBV Installers website, and in 9 months, their website visitors increased, 5-Fold.

Now let’s compare their website traffic for the previous year.

As you can see, from May 2016 to May 2017, the amount of people visiting their website, previously levelled out to around 300 visitors a month.

This is because they did not have an online marketing plan they were following, their online tools were not setup in the right way and despite previously spending a fortune on SEO, the amount of leads visiting their website, levelled out.

So for CBV Installers, when we fixed their online marketing problems, their website traffic grew, from 300 visitors a month to almost 1800 visitors a month.

Because of this, their Sales from Google & Website Enquiries alone, multiplied by 7, increasing from £105,000 in the previous year, to £765,000.

So that’s an extra £656,000 in 12 months, coming directly from enquiries, generated through their Website and the Free Listings on Google.

Let me ask you this…

If we could double, triple or even 5X the amount of local potential customers, who find your website online, what difference could that make to your sales?

An extra £10,000 a month?

Over £50,000 a month… like CVB Installers?

What difference would that make, to your business and life?

It’s taken me, the best part of 10 years, working full time on this, developing The UK Glazing Online Marketing GPS, and I hope you can see, how powerful it can be.

If this makes sense to you, and you see an opportunity here, to ramp-up your lead flow, and increase your sales results, there is only one decision to make…

Are you going to do this on your own… or would you like my help?

Without my help and training, it might take 10 years, for you to get this working, as it did for me… but if you choose to do this by yourself, my information and Case Studies will help you on your way.

But if you would like my help, I can teach a member of your staff or team, and coach them step-by-step through my GPS, so you get much bigger results, much faster.

If you have someone in mind, who I can train online, and if this sounds right for you, I would like to offer you a free 20 minute online marketing strategy session (subject to availability) to help you put a plan in place!

No pressure, no sales pitch… and if at the end of our call, you’d like to find out more about my next training program, we can chat about that too.

Email if you are interested in a free strategy session, so you can get clear about the next steps required to increase your lead flow with online marketing, to take your business to the next level, in terms of sales results.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.