By Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach

Hi, hope you’re safe and well.

I am excited to share this first issue of LEADS to Success. This was uploaded after a great weekend when the sun was finally shining on the UK, for a few hours anyway!

We didn’t go to the beach, but we are looking forward to that when the lockdown ends. Instead, we got a few jobs sorted in the garden, what did you get up to?

LEADS To Success has been created to multiply your sales & profit by using inbound sales & marketing, without spending money on ads.

I’ve been planning to launch this for a while, see my embarrassing confession at the end of this newsletter.

With that said, as the lockdown restrictions are soon to be eased across the UK, now seemed like the perfect time to help more businesses survive & thrive as we get back to “normal”.

If you’re interested in ideas, tips & case studies related to all things marketing & business success, check it out!

Grow Your Sales with LEADS

Are you busier than ever like lots of other firms right now? If so, you can’t take the good times for granted. This newsletter will help you when you need it.

Has the Pandemic had a negative impact on your business? In the coming months this will give you lots of ideas to get your sales back on track.

If you’ve been in business for decades, you’ve probably heard it all before, but for one reason or another you might not be doing what’s working for others.

Stay tuned, we’ve got your back!

How’s Your Customer Comms?

How many ‘Customer Communications’ people do you have?

How many people are communicating with your prospects, leads, past & present customers, sharing your news, updates, offers & business info?

And following up on enquiries or asking for feedback, reviews, referrals etc?

How many hours or days are spent communicating with your target audience & your customers each week?

The quality of the information that’s shared with people will affect your lead generation, marketing & sales response, but at the end of the day…

The more time your business invests in Customer Communications, the more leads, customers & sales you’ll generate, without spending money on expensive advertising, marketing or sales campaigns.

Test-Drive the LEADS Challenge

Last week, I got together online with a small group of like-minded business people for the Welcome Session of my new LEADS Coaching Program.

I’m coaching business owners (or staff) on how to improve their Customer Communications & build a LEADS System to add an extra £100k-£500k to their sales, using Internet Marketing, but without spending money on ads.

Want to test-drive my coaching?

Email for more information.

Thanks for reading – if you have any specific marketing challenges, reply & let me know, I’ll do my best to help you personally in my next issue or before!

Until next time, cheers!

Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach / MultiplyGPS

PS. Here’s my embarrassing confession… 5 years ago I suggested to my client (Able Canopies) that they create a monthly newsletter, which they did.

They spent a couple of hours a month putting a newsletter together for their customers… the upshot was as in increase in sales of £244,000 in 12 months.

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s taken me 5 years to launch my own newsletter, but in my own defence, I’ve been too busy to take on the extra work or clients.

With that said, my new Group Coaching Program enables me to help a lot more people, and one of the modules will walk you through the steps of launching your own email newsletter… so I’m finally launching mine too!