By Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach

Hi there,  hope you’re having a great week!

Thanks for your interest in LEADS To Success, written to help you sell more home improvement products!

This issue follows ‘The Budget’ week & another balancing act to keep the economy afloat. Not an easy job!

Whatever the economy brings, I’ll be sharing marketing ideas to help businesses stay on track or get back on track, with a focus on getting more leads, but without expensive ads.

Here’s my recent update!

How Cheesy Is This?

To coincide with the launch of this newsletter, I also launched a new coaching program, which is called LEADS.

In the last session, we discussed the reasons why it’s called LEADS as it’s important for long term marketing success!

  1. LEADS Is Not Just A Cheesy Acronym – it’s designed so anyone can follow the process to drive your sales
  2. LEADS Are Everywhere – your updates are clues, which lead customers and w-o-m recommendations to you
  3. LEADS Are The Future – only 3% of potential customers are ready now, what are you doing for the 97% out there?
  4. LEADS Is The Foundation – so a great place to start!

I’ve uploaded the recordings to my Cheesy Page Here, where you can also assess the cheesy-ness of my acronym:

Leonardo’s Easy Actions Driving Sales

Thanks for reading & feel free to send this to whoever is involved in communicating with your leads and customers.

Until next time, cheers!

Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach / MultiplyGPS

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