By Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach

Hope your week is off to a great start & you’re getting back out there.

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Here’s this week’s LEADS To Success, created to help you sell more home improvement products or services.

In this issue we’re talking Marketing Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] – sounds boring, but trust me on this.

Check it out!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Peter Drucker, The world's greatest management consultant!

In my coaching group this week, we’ve been discussing the importance of tracking your Marketing KPIs, so you can make educated decisions about your marketing investment.

In the image below, we’re looking at 3 years of tracked data:

  • Before the LEADS System (Infrequent updates)
  • During the creation of LEADS (8 hrs p/w invested)
  • After the LEADS handover (12 hrs p/w invested)

LEADS (Leonardo’s Easy Actions Driving Sales) is a process I developed for letting the world know what you’re up to.

But here’s the thing… there’s no mystery to it:

  1. Update Your Website At Least Weekly
  2. Optimise Your Updates For Google Etc.
  3. Share Your Updates With The World

The Secret To Success if there is one, is to assess your KPIs before, during and after you follow the steps of the LEADS process (or any business growth activity for that matter).

As you can see in the image above, my clients website leads grew 5-fold… which added more than £1Million to their sales, in less than 24 months.

That level of growth is not for everyone I know – but here’s the key take-away, the reason for sharing this with you…

My client would not have continued to invest 8 hours per week, and then 12 hours per week to “improve it” if they were unable to first “measure it”.

I sometimes get KPI Obsessed, so keeping it simple…

Here’s where I recommend you start, if you’re not doing this…

  1. Use Google Analytics to track your website visitors
  2. Ask all new leads how they found your company
  3. Regularly update your website & share your updates
  4. If traffic, enquires & sales go up, invest more time!

My short case study video below gives more context to all this.

Thanks for reading & feel free to send this to whoever is involved in getting more leads for your business.

Until next time, cheers!

Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach / MultiplyGPS

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