By Leonardo Wood


Leonardo here with your LEADS To Success Newsletter, created to help you sell more home improvement products or services.

In this issue, I’m featuring the principle of Cause & Effect in Marketing, as it sometimes provides clarity to analyse the relationship between two things, when one thing (cause) makes something else happen (effect).

Here’s The EFFECT I want for my newsletter readers…

📈 More Sales, Faster!

(Without spending money on advertising).

So what’s the CAUSE?

Well, there’s a bunch of ‘em, see below…

Leonardo, @LeadsCoach

Here’s a basic 2-part cause & effect example:

  1. You do a great job for your customers (cause)
  2. Customers tell their friends about you (effect)

We all know Word-of-Mouth can be the foundation for business success (or failure when customers share their bad experiences).

With success in mind, I like to think of this principle as:

Cause & Effect Sales Recycling™

Here’s a 6-part cause & effect example:

  1. Go the extra mile & do a great job for each new customer
  2. Get feedback & permission to create a case study of each job
  3. Add each new case study to a new page on your website
  4. Each case study page appears 1000s of times on Google
  5. This sends 100s more potential customers to your site
  6. Your case studies help convert lots more leads to customers

And the sales recycling starts again, as shown below in my nerdy diagram…

(Cause) Happy Customers = Glowing Case Studies (Effect)

(Cause) Glowing Case Studies = More C.S. Pages (Effect)

(Cause) More C.S. Pages = More Google Listings (Effect)

(Cause) More Google Listings = More Website Leads (Effect)

(Cause) More Website Leads = More Paying Customers (Effect)

(Cause) More Paying Customers = More Happy Customers (Effect)


Bottom line, as each ‘sale’ is added to your site (cause) it helps you  generate more sales (effect) without spending money on ads.

Want To Multiply Your Results?

All businesses that genuinely care about their customers & reputation will attract more sales via “happy customer” W-o-M organically.

Business owners that understand Inbound Marketing will know the importance of filling their websites with as many “happy customer” case studies as possible, for the Sales Recycling reasons above.

But if you really want to multiply your results exponentially, there are a few extra steps you can take, which I have outlined below…

Keep In Touch!

As you continue to do a really great job for your customers – I would keep in touch with them regularly with updates & news… & to ask them if they would like to buy from you again & recommend you to others.


Over time, more customers will go from ‘1-time’ to ‘2-time’ or ‘more-time’ buyers, and… more of your customers will recommend your business to more new customers in the future. Bonus Tip: Thank your customers & reward them each time they recommend you, they’ll do it more often.

Ask For Reviews!

When your customers provide feedback & grant permission for case studies – you should ask them for Reviews on Google & Facebook.


This will drive even more sales for your business via Google Search & via Facebook, which is used every single day by 44% of UK people.

Share Your Case Studies!

As you add each new case study page to your website – I recommend you share a link to each case study on your social media pages & send a link for your best case studies to your leads & customers via email.


More potential customers will discover your business & more of your existing customers will notice your other types of work, which will lead to more repeat sales & word-of-mouth recommendations.

Plus, the extra links & clicks online, driving more people to your website will send trust signals to Google, generating even more listings on Google & traffic to your website – links & clicks are the foundation of SEO.

But Is It Really Worth It?

Going the extra mile for your customers to exceed their expectations could take a few extra minutes or more, depending on what you do.

Asking for feedback & adding brief case study pages to your website could take a member of your team an extra 30 minutes or so, per job.

Keeping in touch with leads & customers via email, asking for reviews & sharing updates on social media might take a couple of hours a week.


In my experience, when my clients follow this process, it adds an extra £100,000 to £500,000+ p/a to their sales, without paid advertising!

Want Some Help with This?

If you’d like some help with this, I’m looking to work with 5 Home Improvement Firms in a new coaching program, launching next week…

To work with owners/staff, to walk them through the steps, templates & strategies to build a Sales Recycling System that gets results!

Wanna join us?

Email & I’ll send you the details.

Thanks for reading & feel free to send this to whoever is involved in getting more leads for your business.

Until next time, cheers!

Leonardo Wood, @LeadsCoach / MultiplyGPS

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