Scale Your Marketing Parts 1 & 2

The essence of this process is to ensure your marketing procedure can be followed by other people, freeing you up to focus on your top level KPIs. This process can be applied to other areas of your business to set you up for success in scaling your marketing, business and profits.

This accessible training is broken down into key tasks to enable you to scale your marketing and much more.

Here’s what’s included in this Scale Your Marketing Training Part 1:

  • Why Scale Your Marketing?
  • Learn the 4 Steps Every Business Needs to Know
  • Step 1: Identify The Bottlenecks
  • Step 2: Discover The O’Do WOYC’Do Method
  • Step 3: Systemise Your Marketing
  • Revealed: Key Insights from The Organised Business
  • Learn Steps to Systemise Your Business & Marketing
  • Systems Thinking — What You Need to Know
  • Part A: Create Task Lists
  • Part B: Create MVP Checklists
  • Part C: Create Detailed Procedures

Here’s what’s included in this Scale Your Marketing Training Part 2:

  • Recap on Your Steps to Scaling Success
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Why You Need Them
  • Leonardo’s Top Tip for Ensuring Everyone Can Follow Your SOPs
  • Step 4: Delegation’s What You Need!
  • All the Delegation Info You Need to Know
  • Delegation Solutions to Suit Different Budgets
  • You’ll Love Taking the Happy Pigs Challenge!
  • Leonardo’s Unforgettable Happy Pig

This engaging and entertaining training comprises two videos and accompanying PDFs along with tools and resources to scale your marketing.